This Case Could Make-It or Break-It for
Foster Parents and the Children they Love

A Call to Action:

We are fighting for Bianca and Jamie Krakofsky and their rights after a foster child they have been preparing to adopt was in a terrible near-drowning accident. An extremely successful (criminal) lawyer with 42 years of experience has seen this as a great way to make millions and has come out of retirement to do so. He is suing the foster parents, DHS and the foster care agency and has put Bianca directly in the middle by taking an accident and turning it into a felony charge.

Bianca has lost her job, lost the foster/adoptive children she was caring for in her home and is feeling the overwhelming amount of pressure coming from the court system against her. If they can get Bianca to plead guilty to neglect of the child then it will be much easier for this lawyer to make millions off of suing DHS and the foster care agency. There are real reasons these children were pulled from their Biological parents' home and why they currently are hanging onto their rights to the children by a thread.

This terrible accident that happened while on a vacation at a hotel.

Jamie and Bianca Krakofsky
Bianca and Jamie Krakofsky

This Military Family has protected our rights is now being prosecuted unfairly and having their constitutional
rights taken away.

One of their two little boys that she and her husband were preparing to adopt was found unconscious in a hot tub with about 18 inches of water in it. They were getting the children out of the pool and when she turned around he was gone, having only disappeared for a moment. He was found in such a short time that Bianca was able to save his life.

No accident in Colorado with a drowning has ever had a felony charge against a biological parent, but a foster parent who saves a foster child's life is facing up to 12 yrs. in prison if she doesn't take a plea.

Although he was in a coma for some time, and now is said to have sustained brain damage she still wants to adopt him, as she feels love for him as she does each of her children.

Read testimonies of those who know them.

Jamie Krakofsky at Air Force Graduation

The biological parents have an attorney appointed to them. However, Bianca has been forced to pay for her own attorney OUT OF POCKET, yet she has also lost her job due to the publicity that she did not ask for but was released due to a press release by the Breckenridge District Attorney Bruce Brown.

We have set up a funding account to help raise money to cover their legal fees. Every little bit you can give would be much appreciated. A simple $5 donation, the cost of a latte added with others will go a long way to fighting for her 14th amendment rights. For those of you who can give more it is so much appreciated.

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Jamie Krakofsky at his Air Force Graduation

About the Prosecution:

Breckenridge, Colorado's District Attorney Bruce I. Brown has made a very public decision to overstep Bianca's 14th amendment rights and hold her to a higher standard than other parents by placing CRIMINAL FELONY CHARGES against her, claiming that she neglected the child, even though she was there and present, and saved the child's life.

Why should this bother you? Because if they are able to make money off of charging Foster Parents for accidents, what will the future look like for babysitters, caregivers, nanny’s or church organizations who are responsible for children at camp or on a field trip?

Unfair Justice

What is the future going to look like for these foster children? Who will be there to care for these children after undergoing major traumas, malnourishment, sexual abuse and/or close to death experiences? Knowing that you could face felony charges that will tear you away from your family, will you be there?

In June of 2013 a similar but more tragic accident occurred when Colt Meurer was found in a local lake deceased. Mr. Bruce Brown DID NOT press charges on the Meurer family. While our hearts go out the the Meurer family for their tragic loss, we are forced to question the motives of the Breckenridge, Colorado District Attorneys' office and why they have decided to file criminal charges on this adoptive family, when a biological family can face a loss and receive no penalties?

A FELONY is "a crime, typically one involving violence, regarded as more serious than a misdemeanor, and usually punishable by imprisonment for more than one year or by death."

This is insanity! Obviously Bianca is being falsely accused. Here 14th Amendment Rights are being trampled upon.

14th Amendment

Consider the 14th Amendment:

"Nor shall any state deprive any person of life, liberty, or property without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws."

District Attorney Brown has made a very public decision to overstep Bianca's 14th amendment rights. Instead of being held to equal protection under the law, Bianca has been told by the prosecution that as a foster parent, they are holding her to a higher standard than biological parents.


Foster parents are indeed held to a very high standard in their training, preparation and requirements in licensing. But as we all know, accidents sometimes do happen in the best of families. She should not be prosecuted for a Felony for a felony is an act of violence. She is not guilty of violence to a child, nor even neglect. She caught his disappearance so quickly she was able to save his life!

Though one would think this is so outlandish there is no way a felony charge could fly...yet a family in El Paso County had a foster child who threw strong tantrums and during one of those, this child threw himself down on the floor and his injuries killed him. The foster parent ended up in prison for 6 years with sexual offenders and parents who actually killed their kids... Why? Because she didn't have rug in that area for the child. It turned her life upside down!! Foster Parents Have No Protection!!

A felony would follow Bianca for the rest of her life and destroy her life in so many ways- and she is not guilty of a felony! No accident in Colorado with a drowning has ever had a felony charge against a biological parent, but a foster parent who saves a foster child's life is facing up to 12 yrs. in prison if she doesn't take a plea bargain. Taking the plea bargain would not only be lying but it would condemn her to lifelong punishments.

8th Amendment to the Constitution:

We believe this treatment of Bianca would be considered as Cruel and Unusual Punishment, covered by the 8th Amendment to the Constitution.

Amendment VIII: "Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted."

The biological parents have an attorney appointed to them, yet Bianca has been forced to pay for her own attorney OUT OF POCKET. This is not equal protection or representation under the law. She has also lost her job due to the publicity that she did not ask for, but was broadcast by way of a press release by the Breckenridge District Attorney Bruce Brown.

We the People

Who are the Kriskofskies?
Voices of those who know them.

I had the joy of being around the Krakofsky's while the boys were in their care. They always went above and beyond to show those boys love. Bianca is an amazing Mom and loved those boys more than life itself. Sadly accidents do happen and if this were to happen to the biological parent then no charges would be sought. Where are the rights for foster parents?? Myself and my husband became foster parents after seeing how happy the boys were with Bianca and her family. My first time ever meeting them was at the foster care agency and those boys were so unbelievably happy and having a good time, you would have thought they were at Disneyworld. It is because of the Krakofsky's that my husband and I decided to become foster parents. Who else do these children have to turn to when their parents get them taken away? It takes a very strong person (or couple) to stand up and become acting parents for foster children. Foster children come into our homes broken due to circumstances beyond their control and it takes a lot to build a relationship with them and get them to trust you and know that you love them as much as you love your own children. The Krakofsky's are the "Poster Foster Parents" that you would want your child to go into their home if that situation should ever happen to you. Their home is always full of love....always. It shows how much they loved them if they were going to adopt them! I had the joy of being around the boys a lot and spending time with them. Jayden was best friends with my son and they were always having a good time together and went to school together. Their eyes always lit up when they saw each other. The Krakofsky's rebuilt these boys up to know that they are amazing kids who could accomplish anything in the world that they want. They were so full of love and very social. If anything the Krakofsky's had to be over protective of the boys due to the hostility of the case. If anything should be aired all over the airways it should be the question of WHY these boys were in foster care and WHEN will foster parents get any protection for something like this? Believe me I sympathize with the bio parents and the Krakofsky's in this situation. I have shed plenty of tears over this as well. But what the focus needs to be on is getting Jayden well enough to be out of the hospital and in a home where he will be taken care of properly. Not prosecuting someone who stepped in as a Mom to these boys and gave them her everything, just for them to be ripped out of her care. Get better Jay-bug!


I have been in contact with the adoptive family who took in Jayden and his little brother into their home. I know they absolutely doted on them. This family loved these kids so much, that they did everything in their power not to give up on the children, despite this being one of El Paso County’s most hostile cases. The Krakofsky family volunteered to be there for Jayden and his brother and even wanted to adopt these kids as this case was leaning in that direction. If they could, they would adopt them still.

Jayden was not allowed to be in the hot tub, but was there to swim in the pool area with the other children, including his little brother. Bianca, being active and present saved Jayden. After this accident both boys were instantly stripped from the arms of this loving family. Since then, the Krakofsky family have been treated like criminals, restricted from seeing Jayden and his little brother, and have not been given any information on how Jayden is doing in the hospital. Bianca and her family have been in tears since this incident facing terrors that I wouldn't wish on any family. Being unable to know how Jayden is doing has made things so much worse. While the parents of the child get sympathies, which I agree they should as well, all that Bianca has received is: losing the children, accused of neglecting the children, and now has criminal charges put against her. This has resulted in her losing her job, putting her career at risk, and now she is unable to support her family because of these charges.... Why? Because she loved these kids and didn't want to exclude them from the family outing.

Bianca was asked by the boys’ grandmother to take pictures for her on the day trip. Being the loving parent that she is, Bianca was making a scrapbook for their grandmother and the parents. So if they were able to get the children back, they wouldn't have missed out on everything during the time the boys were in the system.

Please help me fight for Bianca and every foster and adoptive parent in the system who can, and will, be held to these unfair standards. No biological parent who has had an unfortunate accident with their child is treated like this… Unfortunately, all foster and adoptive parents are.



There is great concern that other foster parents will be dropping out of the system upon seeing the unfair legal threat and possible devastation to their own lives should an accident happen while the children are in their care.

Foster parents are volunteers. The money they receive goes right back into the needs of the children. Because of the traumatic experiences most of these children have faced they have emotional and behavioral problems not found in secure loved children from stable families. Sacrifices are made by both parents and children in many ways so that they can bring healing and hope to these children.

As a foster parent, working with the Department of Human Services is hard enough, for it takes a lot of work and effort to be a foster/ adoptive parent. There are requirements for visitations and appointments as well as continual and sometimes overwhelming paperwork and red tape that disrupt family life on a regular basis. Many considering foster care will back out due to fear that an accident or injury could destroy their lives. This case could easily pave the way to shut down the current foster care system as we know it today.

Have any of you worked with children who throw tantrums by throwing themselves onto the floor? Many children I have worked with would fall anywhere, on tile, on a sidewalk, against a shelf, down on the carpet. Working with military children in Daycare and as a foster parent showed me the craziness these kids are capable of.


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